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I am grateful to provide you services, that can help you with your life.

My background:
* Born and raised in Malaysia; a multicultural country.
* Mixed race. 3/4 Chinese, 1/4 Anglo-Saxon.
* Canadian citizen since 15.
* Travelled to a few countries around the world.
* Graduated as an engineer from McGill university.
* Worked as a web developer in Opensource.
* Helped to grow the Opensource community in Vancouver.
* Agile Project Manager
* Learned healing through Quantum Touch Level 1 and 2

My philosophies
* Race is a created construct. There is only 1 human race.
* I have a love for constant growth, exploration, improvement.
* I am interested in IT and business, and how they intersect and complement.
* Quantum healing is real. There are real tools that are now available to help improve our human condition.