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Millionaire mindset or law of attraction trap

There are many seminars from Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Trump University to Millionaire Mindset that have very valid points of helping many think bigger than the box that they allow themselves to be confined in.

Myself included, going to my first sessions with Rich Dad, Poor Dad was a mind opener. I saw that working hard doesn't necessarily mean you'll be rich. A simple concept for some, but illuminating for others. Like Lester Levenson said, if working hard makes you rich, then a ditch digger would be a millionaire. However an interesting point, that Kiyosaki had, is that many supposedly "rich" people may not be, if you look at their balance sheet. It doesn't matter how much you make, if you spend more than you earn, a ditch digger might in that case be richer than a successful lawyer.

On that philosophy, many wealth gurus have created a sort of anti-thesis toward hard work. While hard-work for the sake of hard-work does not make you rich. Just having a millionaire mindset, also does not make you rich. It may make you more aware of opportunities that come your way.

Tied in with that philosophy is the law of attraction. While I love Rhonda Byrnes Magic book, I have some issues with the law of attraction. Here is a comparison of The secret to Byron Katie's The work. Also one of the 24 original teachers in the movie "the Secret" has a guide on how to responsibly employ the Law of Attraction.

The wealth or law of attraction gurus, that focuses on each person's visualization or mindset in order to attract the things in life that they want, have created a great system, that unfortunately does not work for many. For some of course it will work. If you put a bunch of ambitious people in a room, and talk to them about anything, chances are, if you track those people, many would gain more success. For those that don't, it is easy to blame the customer's lack of effort, lack of willpower, lack of mindpower to make themselves more successful, e.g. this guy, or when I attended a free millionaire mindset evening, a lady there cheerfully stated I have spend 10s of thousands on millionaire mindset. Asked if she was any richer, she declared she was still learning.

If these gurus really care about what they sell, I invite them to reach out to their clients who have spent this amount of money, and issue a detailed investigation and/or refund.

In the case of millionaire mindset, they should also a disclaimer that it is a money management system, not a wealth creation system, as succinctly posted by rudyvise:

* Don't bother with this shit.
* To be able to play this game you really need an income of about $7K a month. 55% he says is for necessities and then 45% goes into other jars. So if you have $3.5K in necessities for month then you need another 45% on top to place in the other jars. Meaning this formula is for folks who have anywhere from $5K to $8K income per month.
* Better to concentrate on first making that kind of bread in passive income every month, before you get cute with which jars you are gonna put it in.
* He wants to teach folks the habit of managing money first, before they actually have any money. You won't get rich listening to this guy.
* But you will get rich if you concentrate on making the big bread.
* I became a millionaire and didn't know jack shit about managing money. But i most certainly do now.
* The mistake most people make and this is wheere noobs stay noobs is that they spend too much time listening to gurus and BS'ers when they should just be out there with their eye on the ball for making money.
* Forget the jars, just focus on dragging in profit as quickly and smartly as possible.

If you have some ideas about how to get the success you desire, instead of just visualizing the outcome, consider to use process visualization instead, or another way of putting it, is plan out the steps, instead of day-dreaming your life away.