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Releasing for Happiness and Success

Since the end of last year, I was looking for ways to heal myself after a breakup of a long term relationship. I had taken Quantum Touch workshops, which allowed me to feel some relief. I had some fantastic emotional releases. However my mind was still on runaway mode, doubting, questioning, punishing.

I purchased Larry Crane's abundance course., which helped me to release a lot of internal stress.

I also managed to manifest a family member, that I did not know was here. One of the goals that I asked for was a closer connection to family. This indeed did materialize, as did a little bit of unexpected money.

Researching Larry Crane's teacher Lester Levenson, I discovered that there were other students of his that offered training, including one of the 24 teachers in the movie "the Secret" Hale Dwoskin, here is a great intro into the Sedona method, as well as Stephen Seretan's KISS.

Master the game of wealth and success with greater ease and certainty. Find out why half of the teachers in the blockbuster film The Secret use The Sedona Method® and consider it to be "the secret to mastering The Secret."

If you are wondering about whether to choose Larry Crane or Hale Dwoskin's methods, listen to this audio or this comparison.

From my point of view, they are both good, and one may work better for you, or the other may work better for another, but you should feel benefit from both.

If you are interested in finding out more, I suggest to purchase the books for a more cost-effective method. If you want to fast track, you can purchase the audio CDs from Hale or Larry or Stephen.

Summary of the Sedona method

How to release your feelings

1. Move from head to heart

Take a few breaths, and allow your attention to drop from your head to your heart area.

2. Identify the feeling

Choose an issue that’s bothering you, and ask yourself:

  • As I consider , what feeling is present right now?
  • Think of one or so words to describe your feeling.
  • If it is difficult to name the feeling, use a phrase such as 'this uncomfortable feeling'

Eg: As I consider , what feeling is present?

Answer: I feel afraid – fear.

3. Welcome the feeling

The next step is to welcome the feeling as best you can. Ask yourself:

* Could I welcome this feeling?

In a gentle way, allow the feeling to be as fully present as possible.

Notice what it feels like. For example you might feel anger as tension in your chest, or sadness as tightness in your throat. Or you may have more of an energetic sensation of constriction. Or you may not sense anything – that’s fine.

4. Ask yourself three questions

For all the questions, answer from your heart. This means trusting yourself to go with your ‘gut response ’.

For the first two questions, answer with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

  • Could I let this go?
  • Would I let it go?
  • When?

TIP If your answer to questions 1. or 2. is a ‘No’, that’s fine. You may have released the feeling anyway; if not you can ask the questions again.